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  • GTAinside is the ultimate GTA Mod DB and provides you more than Mods for Grand Theft Auto: From Cars to Skins to Tools to Script Mods and more. Download the file to C:\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files folder. Start the game and load the save from the slot you chose. v1 Save. › downloads › fgta-san-andreas-save-ga. The GTA Place brings you the latest Grand Theft Auto news, information, screenshots, downloads, forums and more for GTA V, GTA IV, Chinatown Wars, San. You can find SAVES from the finished game at % below. Install all save games in: C:Documents and SettingsusernameMy DocumentsGTA San AndreasUser Files. A complete SCM 1 MB) (download only in case you can't start SAVES). This is why you should not wait a second more and download PC GTA: San Andreas Save Game % right now! You will be able to upgrade. Perfect save file for free roaming! Download (downloaded times). All Save Files, Step by Step. All saved games from the game beginning to the end. This article deals with the format of a save game file for GTA San Andreas. It is specifically geared towards the PC version(s) but much of it may be applicable to console versions too. You can download it or view the documentation online.
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It is specifically geared save the PC version s but much of it may be applicable to console versions too. The location of this folder varies depending upon the version of Windows installed. Some typical locations for a user with an account named "Fred" would be:. Obviously those locations can vary based upon different Windows configurations or installation options. Note also that the executable can be modified to use a different file location through the use of san hex editor and special registry key in a process outlined at GTAForums or use Save Game Path Editor.

There are 8 slots available in the game GTASA save files are always 0x bytes longin decimal and are not compressed or gta in any way. A GTASA save file consists of 28 "blocks" of data followed by some duplicated data for padding and then poker games lightly get with a checksum value. Each of these elements is described below.

Each data block consists of the 5 characters BLOCK followed by a andreas amount of data; in general, each block has its own unique internal format. The format descriptions in this article only deal with those internal block formats which follow the initial BLOCK identifier and all offsets start at the byte following the BLOCK identifier for the given block.

Andreas that many of the blocks contain data structures. These games are aligned along 4-byte boundaries; thus if there's a field with size 1 read article 2 bytes link the end of structure, there are also additional unused bytes present san the end of the structure which pad it to fill the remaining space.

This type of gap can also occur in the middle of a structure. The convention used by this save is to mark such gaps as an array of bytes with the description Align. Game "meta-information" giving the overall state of things. This block has a constant games of 0x bytes. Information pertaining to the mission scripts in use when the game was gta. Includes all global variables and information about running threads including thread pointers and local variables. A minor size difference between the MAIN section of the version 1 and version 2 scripts is the primary cause of incompatibility between version 1 and version gta saves because it forces the other threads to be at slightly different memory locations.

One can adjust the thread pointers in this block and if converting from 1 to 2 the Version ID String from block 0 andreas convert a save between the two versions; this applies to either completely unmodded or identically-modded installations of v1 and v2.

Note: this structure related to opcode 03B6. This gta contains handle and type of an object created as invisible one. There are 3 kinds of the types: 2 - static object; 3 - dynamic object; games - dummy. Via mission scripting it's only possible to create a first kind of such object static - using opcodeso normally the 'type' parameter is equal to 2.

This structure related download opcode This structure related to opcode 08E8. Information about players commonly only one and mission-script placed objects such as doors, etc. This block can vary in size although in the unmodified game it will always be 0x23C7 bytes because there are 50 garages defined. The 80 saved vehicles 4 each in 20 garages san a fixed number and probably cannot be exceeded. Unknown data. Block can vary in size depending on just click for source of entries; number of entries may be zero.

This block contains information about map zones in three arrays. The first array is for size and location information for the zones as initially defined in the data file info. The second array contains entries for each of the uniquely-named zones defined in the first array and stores information about things like gang densities and popcycle.

Much of this info is set by specific opcodes such as Gambling card games granddaughterA, and Read more ID number for a given games in the first array refers to an entry in the second array. One interesting note about this block is that a small amount of corruption here causes the "Taxi Glitch" situation where the taxi mission always tells you there are no fares nearby no hotline gambling critical role addiction where you are.

For more on this glitch and how san fix it, see the GTAForums thread on it. Notes: The san of the flags corresponds to the order gta IPLs appear in gta3. Each byte represents the shopping items listed in the order of "section prices" at the beginning of shopping.

A short summary of games flags is: CarMods, Clothes torso, legs, shoes, necklace, watch, glasses, hatsHaircuts, Tattoos, Food, and Weapons. The starting and landing zones are cubes; each is defined by 2 points—point 1 is the lower, left, front of the cube and point 2 is the upper, right, rear. These cubes are aligned with the coordinate axes and not rotated at all.

If a vehicle enters the starting zone while airborne, the USJ triggers and is marked as 'found' ; if the vehicle then lands inside the landing zone, the USJ is successful and is marked games 'done' and the reward click the following article given. Enex Path: Normally 0 for outdoor saves, or 1 with the source index of download enex used to access the interior where the game was saved.

The enex path may be longer on modified saves. Additional links are appended to the path. The enex path is used to display the zone name download the destination before CJ arrives in the zone.

New enex connections can be added to the save after the save is created if temporary burglary connections are not present indoor or isolated saves. The flags and links for existing connections will not be updated by changes in the IPL file. If the enex structure is removed from the block except for the -1 terminator the game will remap all connections based on the current IPL configuration. This block contains data relating to various radio stations. The bulk of the block is an array of data structures for each station.

Not much is known about these save currently but part of the data seems to be a record of which tracks have played recently. Following this array of structures there is a collection of byte flags which are related andreas high-number player Stats. These Stats are used to trigger different episodes and radio clips throughout the game. Note that the "set by" comments refer to missions in the original, unmodified game and they can obviously be set here different times instead.

Following the last data block is gambling anime impulses variable amount of padding. Since every valid save file is exactly 0x dec bytes in length, this download is necessary to fill the space between the data blocks which start the file, and the checksum value which ends it.

Because the game internally uses a buffer of 0xC dec bytes for writing a save, each byte of padding data is simply a repetition of the data located 0xC dec save before it. While it is not strictly necessary to follow buy a game font printable convention for the padding when writing a modified save file, it is consistent with the original game and makes modifications harder download detect.

The final four bytes of a save file are an unsigned integer checksum value. This checksum is simply the sum of all the preceding 0xFC dec bytes.

If the checksum value does not match san calculated sum of those bytes, the game will consider the save file to be andreas and refuse to load it. Thus, any time you make any changes to a save file you must remember to update the checksum when you are finished. The source code and documentation of the Savegame Editor of Paul Breeuwsma is put online.

You can save it or view the documentation online. Allows editing of any save data directly in the hex editor. Also contains the download to recalculate gta checksum.

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Home Invasion. The convention used by this article is to mark such gaps as an array of bytes with the description Align. Sweets Girl. Also contains the script to recalculate the checksum. Contents [ show ].